Visit Prishtina


Ethnological Museum in Prishtina, one of the most visited place in Kosovo

After breakfast in hotel, we visit the center of the city, old part of the city and other key monuments. Some of monuments that we can visit in Pristina are: New Born, Hotel Union, Scanderbeg statue, Mother Teresa Square, Pristina University, Kosovo Museum, Ethnological Museum, Jewish Cemetery, Bazzar, The oldest Mosque in Prishtina from XV century, Germia Park ect. Pristina is the capital and the largest city of Kosova. Southeast of the city, the remains of Ulpiana (archaeological place) were discovered, the center of the Illyrian province of Dardania tribe. Ulpiana was founded in the 2nd century during the rule of Emperor Trajan, and renewed in the 6th century during the rule of Justinian, after whom it was called Iustinana Secunda. Ulpiana is city that is destroyed from earthquake in VI BC.



Archaeological place Ulpiana just 10 km outside the city





Walking tour in the main square

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